Financial Advice

Taking care of your financial wellbeing


Financial planning is not about comparing policies, charges, funds, etc., and it’s certainly not about a slick sales pitch.


Financial Planning is about you, your lifestyle, your financial goals, and how much it all costs. That’s what your number is – it’s the amount of money you need to live the life you want without running out. It’s the answer to “how much is enough?”


Why does it pay to know Your Number?

  • Tells how much you need to enjoy your lifestyle
  • Instructs proper estate planning
  • Financial peace of mind
  • Ensures your assets are managed
  • Establishes goals
  • Challenges your assumptions
  • Provides a blueprint


Fynamics has built a unique fee based financial planning process that is uniquely adapted to the requirements of retired public servants. Our service does not depend on selling products. We charge a fee for our service and our clients are happy to recommend us.

We run 1:1 clinics nationwide to ascertain if the service is for you. The first years’ financial planning is at our cost.

Call us on 061 409330 to arrange an appointment or email us on

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