The objective of securing a legal standing for our Association has been achieved as the Retired Teachers’ Association of Ireland is now a Company Limited byGuarantee (CLG), registered under part 18 of the Companies Act 2014. The legal formalities were concluded on 17 October 2018, when the Registrar of Companies issued a Certificate of Incorporation to the RTAI as Company Number 635985. The decision to incorporate as a CLG marks a significant milestone in the development of the Association and comes after almost two years of consultation and preparation.

The proposal to incorporate as a CLG received the unanimous backing of delegates at our Annual Convention in 2018. Under our previous structure as an unincorporated group of individuals, the Association had no formal legal standing, which left our assets, officers and members in a vulnerable position. Our legal standing is now established through a company that has a separate legal identity with limited liability.

The RTAI Rules and Constitution have been redrafted as a Memorandum and Articles of Association to comply with the Companies Act 2014. From a member’s perspective the transition to our new governance structure will be seamless and will not have any visible impact on the day to day running of the Association. From the perspective ofthe office there will be ongoing, but not onerous, obligations to file various documents including annual accounts with the Companies Registration Office. The eleven elected members of the National Executive Committee are the Directors ofthe Company who will continue to act on a voluntary unpaid basis. The General Secretary, Mr Billy Sheehan will be Company Secretary.