Counselling – Inspire


At one time or another we all experience difficulties that can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  Bills Piling up, relationship worries, organisational change, bereavement, they call all make us anxious and reduce our sense of purpose and wellbeing.  Talking through your concerns can help you find new options and different perspectives.


Carecall professional counsellors are fully qualified and experienced in a wide range of issues.  They have a sensitive and practical approach, no matter what difficulties you may be going through.


A trained professional counsellor will be there to talk to you, to discover what you need and, if required, to arrange a face to face appointment for you.  Private discreet counselling rooms are located throughout Ireland and appointments are arranged to facilitate you.  The first three sessions are free to members of RTAI.


Whatever’s on your mind, call Carecall free and confidentially 1800 411 057, It helps to talk.