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The Galway Branch RTAI Summer Meeting  is scheduled for Tuesday 28 May 20224 in the Menlo Park Hotel. Mass for Deceased Members of the Branch will be at  The meeting will follow immediately. Tea/Coffee from 10.30am. All members are welcome.


History of RTAI - Summary
The Retired Teacher’s Association of Ireland was founded in the school year 1951/52. In the beginning the organisation was known as “The Pensioned Teachers’ Association” and was based in Dublin, for the most part. It remained quite small until the 1970s, when the title was changed to the recent one – Retired Teacher’s Association – and an effort was made to increase membership throughout the country.
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History of RTAI - Full Details
The RTA was involved in the process to have Survivor’s Social Welfare Pension paid to men as well as women, which was not the case until a High Court Case was prepared in 1994. The Association was highly active in the campaign for the abolition of the Probate Tax, as it applied to surviving spouses. At its AGM of 2007, the word “Ireland” was added to the title, to establish international recognition for website purposes, and so the association became the RTAI – The Retired Teachers’ Association of Ireland.

Craobh na Gaillimhe

It would appear from the minutes of a meeting in 1992 that the Galway Branch was founded by Mr. Tommie Martin former President of INTO in 1975.

The earliest record in the Galway Branch is of a meeting held in 1979 when a tribute was paid to the deceased members M. Kane and W. Hourahan. There was no detail given on the general discussion that took place but the following members were listed as having paid their membership:

  • Galway Area

Annie Healy, Onóra Bn. Uí Chonchúir, Anne Cannon, Eithne Bn. Uí Riain, Brid Bn. Uí Mhurchadha, Áine Bn. Uí Lochlainn, Maura Hanrahan, Bríd Bn Mhic Fhlionn, Mairéad Bn. Uí Laoi, Elizabeth Mulvihill, Nora Divilly, Kathleen Heagney, May Murray, Patrick Joyce, B. Ó Suileabháin, Conchubhair Ó Donnchadha, Ml. Ó Reachtathra, Seán Mac Conraoi, Micheál S. Ó Suilleabháin, Brendán Ó Míodhcháin, Tomás Ó Cuinn, Caitríona Ni Chuinn, Mairéad Bn. Ui Duigneáin, Máire Bn. Mhic Sheadbhaird, Una Bn. Mhic Ghaill. Gretta Martyn, Charles Doyle, Bridie Doyle, Maura Swords, Bríd Nic Dhonncha.

  • Tuam and Dunmore Area

Dunmore: Maureen Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. O Dwyer, Brendam Nestor, Jim Greaney, Miss Halliday, Mrs Kelly, P Corcoran,

Tuam: Miss Sal Mc Donagh, D.J.Murphy, Jim Conroy, Paddy Quinn, Tim Bray, Frank Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Concannon, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Maloney, Brendan Ryan, Pat Carney, John Mullin.

Headford: Mrs. O Reilly, Mrs. B. Heneghan, Mrs. O Malley and Mr. Ml. Lovett.

First Recorded Minutes

There is no record of minutes for the 1980’s only a list of members who attended the two yearly meetings Nov./Dec. and May/June were recorded. The first recorded minutes are from the AGM 1992, which was held in the Atlanta Hotel on the 27th May. Thirty members were present. Mr Seán Mc Cahill, Vice Chairman chaired the meeting in the absence of Mrs. Anne Quinn. The minutes were proposed and seconded by Alice Mc Ardle and Séamus Mac Donncha. There was £641 in the current account and £406.69 in the deposit account – the current account had greatly improved since the subscription was increased from £3 to £5 per annum as it had been difficult to make ends meet on £3.

Elected Officers

Chairman: Seán Mc Cahill

Secretary: Máire Diskin

At the meeting Mr. Tommie Martin spoke of the late Pat O Connor and his contribution to the branch referring in particular to their trips around the country “roping them in” in the early days and his immense contribution in later years to meetings. A vote of sympathy was passed to the families of deceased members.

Miss Nora Maloney, Mrs. Nora O Toole, Miss Margaret Tighe (my aunt), Miss Kathleen Lohan, Antóin Ó Loideáin, T O Reilly, Liam Mac Donncha, Miss H. Coen, Miss Sarah Diviney, Pat O Connor, A Gleeson, Tomás de Bhaldratha, former president of INTO.

Points of Interests from other meetings
  • 1993
    • Three past presidents of INTO were present at the AGM – MR. Tommie Martin, Mr. Morgan O Connell and Micheál Mc Sweeney.
    • Mrs Diskin retired as secretary a position she held for 7 years and was replaced by Seán Mc Cahill – a position he held until 2005. Máire Diskin took the position as Chairperson of the branch.
    • Tribute was paid to Tommie Ward past President of INTO who died during the year.
    • The Branch sent good wishes to Bob Doyle who had been an excellent secretary of RTA for 10 years. Our present secretary Mr. Denis Desmond replaced him.
    • Mrs. Diskin President of RTA addressed the INTO Congress.
    • Lunch cost £7.50 and was subsidized from branch funds.
  • 1994
    • AGM was held in the Warick Hotel, Salthill.
    • There were 3,300 retired teachers in RTA with 230 in the Galway Branch.
    • AGM Proposals:
      • “That a booklet outlining the benefits of membership of RTA and the entitlements of retired teachers be prepared so that a copy could be given to each new member or prospective member.” Proposed by M. Mc Sweeney.
      • “That synchronization of pension increase arrears and salary increase arrears be demanded of the Dept. of Finance.” Proposed by Morgan O Connell.
      • “That the December pension be paid before Christmas.” Proposed by Alice Mc Ardle.
    • Mrs Máire Diskin was made an honorary member of RTA at the May meeting of the National Executive.
  • 1995
    • AGM Proposals
      • “Let the pressure remain for fortnightly pay.” ( Morgan O Connell)
      • “That the tax on pensions of teachers who retire early be reduced.” ( Mrs. Gardiner)
      • “That the 27% tax rate only apply to teachers who retire at 65.” (Seán O Connell)
      • “That retired teachers be granted a tax allowance for their children.”
  • 1996
    • £7 fee for members came into effect in February and it was desirable to have all members fees deducted at source.
    • Tribute was paid to Michael Moroney, General Treasury of INTO who retired.
    • There was an increase in pensions from the 1st of June 1996 of 11/2 % and two further in creases of 11/2 % in October 1996 and 1 % in January 1997. Another 2 %was being negotiated. Teachers present expressed their disappointment at what appeared to be an erosion of indexation of pensions, a principal regarded as sacred by all teachers, and the following motion was proposed by M. Diskin and seconded by Jimmy Halliday – “That in future, prior to negotiations with the Department of Education on teacher salaries and allowances that might impact on teacher pensions, consultation will take place between the INTO and RTA.”
    • Morgan O Connell was elected Chairperson a position he held until 2005.
  • 1997
    • RTA membership 3823. Galway Branch 275, Dublin 777, Cork 319.
    • Morgan O Connell proposed, seconded by Maitias Mac Donncha that an Honorarium of £200 be paid to the secretary.
    • AGM Motions
      • “That the Galway Branch favour the introduction of a written short constitution for RTA.
      • That Seán Mc Cahill be a member of the Executive RTA”
      • Proposed by Máire Diskin, seconded by Pádraic Mullarkey.
  • 1999
    • Draft rules and constitution of RTA was adopted.
    • Caroline Kelly and Aidan Nicholson were appointed auditors – a position they held until 2007.
    • Members of the Galway branch of retired teachers were invited to supper at the INTO Congress held in Galway.
    • AGM Motion: “In light of the danger to the principle of parity of pensions of retired teachers we, the Galway Branch of RTA demand that in all future salary negotiations with the Dept. of Education and Science it should be reaffirmed that the principle of parity is an inalienable and well earned right of retired teachers.”
  • 2000
    • Money deducted from pensioner’s cheques under the heading PRSI s really a Health Levy
    • Motions for AGM:
      • That pensions due for the full month in which a teacher dies be paid in full.
      • Teachers who were forced to retire due to the marriage ban should be compensated for their resulting loss of earnings now that they have reached pension age.
      • That the fortnightly payment to retired teachers be expedited.
      • That the free schemes operated by the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs, which from the 1st of October 2000 will apply to all persons, be given to all over the age of 69 years and not 75 as proposed.
  • 2001
    • Branch Secretary’s Honorarium was increased to £300
    • RTA Membership 4910
    • In future we must fight for parity or its equivalent.
  • 2002
    • Seán Mc Cahill became President of RTA.
    • The secretary mentioned the 20euro deducted every February from pension for the upkeep of the organization: six euro per member is given to branches and 1% increase – a once off was given in April to pensioners.
    • Margery Long president of RTA was welcomed. She was wearing the recently presented chain of office.
    • Galway teachers demanded equality of treatment and benefits for single teachers who presently receive no benefits from their PRSI contribution to that element of the survivors and orphans pension scheme. Proposed by Martha Gurren and seconded by Caroline Kelly.
  • 2005
    • Martha Gurren elected as Chairperson.
    • Vincent Tedders elected Secretary and as a candidate to the National Executive.
  • 2006
    • Two motions were proposed and seconded on a subvention to cover Nursing Home care and another on benching marking that pensioned teachers would get full recognition of same in their pensions.
  • 2007
    • Morgan O Connell proposed that the cost of the lunch be reduced to 10 euro in few of the strong financial position of the branch.
    • Caroline Kelly elected as Chairperson.
    • Mary Kyne proposed that an outing be organized and an invitation to participate be given to all members of the branch.
    • Social Committee elected: Mary Kyne, Margaret Tedders and Sylvester Cassidy.
    • P.J. Callinan and Sylvester Cassidy elected auditors.
    • The Honorary Secretary stressed the importance to maintaining “credits” until one reaches the age of 66.
    • Motions for AGM
      • “That pensioned teachers receive full recognition of the benchmarking award in their pensions.
      • That VHI automatically keep up deductions from teacher’s pensions after they retire so as to maintain continuous health cover.
  • 2008
    • A copy of the RTAI handbook was sent to every member.
    • Mary Kyne congratulated as Secretary of the events committee for organizing computer classes, a lecture and an outing to Coole Park.
    • Mary Kyne elected secretary.
    • Teaching Council that was in operation since 2006 was passed into law. It was funded by the Department of Finance for 2 years but then the teachers had to pay 90 euro per year, subject to tax deduction.
    • Teachers can no longer take early retirement and may have to contribute more of their salary towards pensions.
  • 2009-2017
    • Full details of the association affairs were documented in the Secretary’s annual reports.

Branch Officers

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