Pensions were lodged to bank accounts in the normal manner on Thursday last 16 April. However, the payslip did not issue by post in the normal manner. The DES has placed a notice on its website confirming that there is a delay in issuing payslips. Payslips are actually printed and posted on behalf of the DES by Revenue Print and Mailing. As staffing resources are stretched at present other work is being  prioritised by Revenue.

 It is important to emphasise that pension payments will be transfer to bank accounts as usual ever second Thursday.

 The text of the notice on the DES website is printed below:


Payslip Delivery Service Delays

The salary and pensions of  staff and retirees paid on payrolls operated by the Department of Education and Skills are continuing to issue as normal.

There will be delays in the issuing of payslips in the next few weeks due to demands on Revenue staff processing critical correspondence. The payslips are printed and posted by the Revenue Print and Mailing area on behalf of the Department.  Due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 emergency, Revenue are assigning priority to work being undertaken for the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and also work critical to Revenue. Ensuring the health and safety of staff is paramount and Revenue are operating a limited service.

Some general details on salary and pension can be obtained by accessing “My Account- ROS” on the Revenue website.

The Payroll Division of the Department regrets any inconvenience this causes.

Salaries and pensions will continue to transfer into the bank accounts of payees as normal.