Maintaining pension parity is undoubtedly the main issue for retired public service workers and the key question to be put to candidates and canvassers during GE 2020.

            However, the Alliance of Retired Public Service Workers, of which RTAI is a member, is also pursuing other objectives and securing representation for retired workers has now come to the fore.

            Decisions that directly impact on our pensions are made in pay negotiations such as the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA 2018 – 2020). These negotiations are conducted between the public sector Trade Unions and the Government as employer. Public sector retirees are not at the negotiating table and have no input into decisions that have a very immediate and direct impact on public sector pensions.

            In recent years officials from the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have facilitated meetings with the Alliance. Though these meetings are welcome and productive they are of an informal nature and are extended as a courtesy.

            The Alliance believes that it is now appropriate to put in place a mechanism to facilitate a formal engagement for retired State employees with Government on matters affecting pensions.

            Ask your candidates will they support the inclusion of retired workers representatives in the next round of pay and pension negotiations.