The main political parties were asked to answer the following question:

Will you increase pensions of retired teachers in line with pay of those still teaching?

Read the responses received here.


The INTO posed a number of questions to the main political parties on primary education and on teachers’ salaries and pensions. In relation to pay and pensions the following was the question put to the political parties:

Will you:

            (a) resolve remaining pay equality issues (for post 2010 entrants to teaching, principals and deputy Principals); and

            (b) increase pensions of retired teachers in line with pay of those still teaching.


Unfortunately, only 3 of the seven parties responded to part (b) of the question on pension parity.

The following are the responses as received:


Fianna Fáil

 The ongoing pay inequality for new entrants to the teaching profession has resulted in a recruitment and retention crisis for teachers. Across the country, schools are experiencing greater and greater difficulty in securing cover and filling posts. This needs to be urgently addressed by attracting qualified teachers back into Ireland and into the profession.

Fianna Fáil have consistently called on the Minister for Education to address what he himself has described as “unfinished business”. The increased expectations which have accompanied the minister’s pronouncements at conferences have led us to the industrial action we are currently experiencing. Fianna Fáil have been consistent in our commitment to ending the unequal treatment of teachers appointed after January 2011. We will deliver on that commitment

 Fine Gael

Addressing the issue of the difference in pay for post 2010 entrants is unfinished business and will be resolved in the context of the upcoming negotiations on a future pay deal.

 Green Party

The Green party has repeatedly called for the swift and fair resolution of the equality issues for the post -2010 entrants. This is an issue of inter-generational discrimination and basic pay equality and we are firmly committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work


Yes, Labour will end the two-tier pay system for teachers and school secretaries, and we will also ensure full pension restoration in line with full pay restoration.

 People Before Profit

Teachers hired post-2010 should get the exact same salary scale as those employed before that date, including all allowances. It is simply a blatant case of discrimination. All cuts to pensions should be immediately restored and pension and gratuity based on a proportion of final salary before cuts.

 Sinn Féin

We have been very vocal in our view that pay equality must be delivered across the board, it has dragged on far too long. It is totally wrong that there could be two teachers sitting next to each other in a classroom, doing the same work, yet on different scales. Lower paid teachers have been poorly treated, this has been an ongoing aggravation to teachers, and has left many significantly down on income. We would restore pay equality and we firmly believe in the principle of equal pay for equal work.

Social Democrats