Minimal changes in Income Tax rates or credits were made in the Budget introduced on October 8th. Details may be accessed by clicking HERE

Other Budget Measures:

  • The Group A tax-free threshold, which applies primarily to gifts and inheritances from parents to children, is increased from €320,000 to €335,000 from 9 October 2019
  • Medical Cards for over 70s: The means test threshold to increase by €50 to €550 per week for a single person and by €150 to €1,050 for a couple. (Assessment based on gross income.)
  • The weekly rate of the living alone allowance to increase by €5 per week from March 2020
  • The prescription charge for medical card holders over the age of 70 will be reduced from €1.50 per item to €1 per item in 2020
  • The monthly threshold for the Drugs Payment Scheme will be reduced by €10 from €124 to €114 in 2020