The Annual Convention of RTAI was held in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin on Tuesday March 5th, 2019.

The following resolutions were adopted at Convention:


Branch Funding

 Convention determines:

  • that the annual allocation to branches will be based on the following formula:
  • up to 199 members*                        €22 per member
  • between 200 and 599 members €20 per member
  • 600 or more members €18 per member

(*subject to a minimum grant based on 100 members);

  • that the allocation to branches will be paid on 1 October each year (commencing on 1 October 2019);
  • that from 1 October 2020 a branch’s allocation shall be adjusted downwards to ensure that the branch’s opening balance will not exceed two years’ allocation; and
  • that the operation of this revised funding arrangement will be reviewed in 3 years’ time i.e. at Convention 2022.


Delegates to Annual Convention

 Convention agrees to amend the first sentence of Rule 11 to read:

The number of delegates which a branch may send to Annual Convention shall be in accordance with the following scale: One delegate per one hundred branch members or part thereof, subject to a minimum of two delegates per branch.


Extending RTAI to Northern Ireland

 Convention directs the NEC:

(a) to examine the feasibility of establishing a branch of RTAI in Northern Ireland; and

(b) to report back to Convention 2020.


Medical Cards

 Convention demands that a full Medical Card be automatically granted to all citizens on reaching age 70 years.


Pensions (Auto-enrolment)


(a) welcomes and supports the response of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to the government’s proposals on an auto-enrolment pension scheme for all workers; and

(b) instructs the National Executive Committee to use the influence of RTAI with both INTO and ICTU to ensure that the total annual commissions, fees and management charges which will apply to the proposed auto enrolment pension scheme are capped at 0.75% per annum.


 Pensions (Supplementary)


(i) notes that retirees in receipt of a co-ordinated pension are treated less favourably than retirees in receipt of an un co-ordinated pension if they want to become employed; and

(ii) instructs the NEC to liaise with the INTO in order to ensure that all retirees are treated on an equitable basis.


 RTAI Website

 Convention demands that greater prominence be given to Branch websites on the RTAI Website homepage.


Income Tax Relief on Health Insurance

 Convention demands that there should be full income tax relief on private health insurance.