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Health Insurance – Important Webinar for RTAI Members

RTAI and Cornmarket have teamed up to give members a chance to explore their private health insurance options. Dermot Goode, the well known expert in this area will be the main presenter in the Webinar which will take place on Thursday, July 25th, at 12 pm.  This is...

Second Pension Increase under New Agreement (1%) due from June 1st

The second pension increase of 1% is due for payment with effect from June 1st 2024. The pension issue of 5 June includes only a few days of this period, so we anticipate members will not see the full increase in pension until the pension issue of 19 June. The next...

Pension Increase Paid

RTAI can confirm the pension increase of 2.25% was paid on 23 May. Members’ fortnightly gross income should include the increase plus an additional payment of arrears, as the increase was effective from 1 Jan 2024. The arrears feature as a separate gross payment on...

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