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2nd PSSA Pension Increase paid for post 1 March 2012 Retirees

The pension payment issued today 15 November 2018 includes an increase for teachers who retired since 1 March 2012. Arising from the Public Service Stability Agreement [PSSA] the teachers’ pay scale (but not pensionable allowances) was increased by 1% from 1 October...

Request for Assistance with Research Project

I wonder if you can help me with the following: My daughter is in the 2nd and final and year of her postgraduate Masters in Education in Marino College. As part of her course she has to do a Dissertation. She has chosen “How the perception of the Famine has changed in...

About to retire?

Important information of interest to anyone retiring about now is available on this website. The page "FiveThings to Attend to on Retirement" lists some of the most important matters for new retirees to check out. To access this information, just click...

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